China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents
Hangzhou, China January – May 2018


Jointly endorsed and approved by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Overseas Talents will take place from January to May of 2018 with its finals to be held in Hangzhou between the 24th and 27th of the period. The Competition is aimed at assisting the best original overseas innovations and advanced high-techs and leading overseas talents and their teams find the Province of Zhejiang, China to be their best dream home for furthering their projects and starting up their business adventures. Zhejiang is a place where historically the most premium ecosystem of human resources is often found in China.

Overseas and international scientific and technological professional organizations, academic institutions and experts are welcomed to recommend projects to the Competition related to the following three specified fields of interests: Artificial Intelligence, Macro Health Industries, and Advanced System Engineering Machineries. Winning projects will receive support from both the local government and venture capitals in China. In addition, the First Prize winners will be recommended by the Organizing Committee of the Competition to the Overall China National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week as its voluntary exhibiting projects.

The Competition has wishfully put the following fields of interests up for grabs of its overall prizes:

1) Artificial Intelligence: sensors and technologies, intelligent control systems, smart home systems, robotics and applications, industrial internet systems and applications and related technologies.

2) Macro-Health Industry: biological medics and pharmaceuticals, medical devices and systems, smart healthcare and health management systems, and related sciences and technologies.

3) Advanced Engineering-System Machineries: rail transit systems, smart manufacturing systems, electronic systems, equipment and instruments, alternative energy technologies and services systems, new materials, advance automation systems and instruments, and related science and technologies.



China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
People's Government of Zhejiang Province


Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology
Hangzhou Yuhang District People’s Government
Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Alliance (OCEAn)


Hangzhou Yuhang District Association for Science and Technology
Management Committee of Hangzhou Future Tech City (Overseas Talents Innovation Park)
Management Committee of Hangzhou Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang Economic Development Zone)
Management Committee of Hangzhou Linping New City Development and Construction
National (Hangzhou) Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents
National (Ningbo) Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents
CAST HOME Program Zhejiang Operating Bases (Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Taizhou Jiaojiang District, Jiaxing of Yangtze River Delta, Wenzhou and Huzhou)


Primary: January – May, 2018.
Final: 24 - 27 May, 2018.
Venue for the Primary: Online
Venue for the Final: Hangzhou, China


Call for Entry (deadline: March 20, 2018)

During this time, entries can be made formally by the partner innovation parks, enterprise organizations, investment institutions, schools of higher learning, and research establishments vie the Competition’s official website: by finding its only entry registry pages to provide all requested relevant information.

Blind Pool Reviewing (deadline: March 31, 2018)

During this stage, invited expert professionals, venture capitals, well-established corporate executives and government representatives will form juries to carry out blind folder evaluations of the entire online submission pool which have qualified its legitimacy evaluations and met all the pre-conditions set forth by Competition. Only those who have made to shortlist may enter to the next stage.

Shortlisted Online Preliminary (deadline: April 20, 2018)

At this time, the shortlisted will be categorized by their specialities and asked to defend their projects and answer questions via online video-conferencing systems. Only 60 projects will be selected to enter the final contest to be held in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Finals (between May 24 and May 27, 2018)

At this time, only those formally confirmed by the Organizing Committee, the finalists will be invited to Hangzhou to participate in the final contest to be held in procession with the 20th CAST Annual Conference. They will be required to take part in a project technology roadshow, to offer an onsite defense and a comprehensive penal inquiry for their technology. The final winners will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony where state leaders will present them their prizes.


This Competition is open to all overseas nationals who are innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs. They may participate either as individuals or teams, or as an enterprising entity should they qualify one of the following requisites:

As Individuals and Teams: While there is no rigid limits stipulated to the ages of the contestants as individuals or as team leaders to participate in any of the designated fields of interests of the Competition, the contenders should at least hold one Master’s or above degrees from an overseas academic institutions and, at the same time, own a mature piece of technology to make the intended entrepreneurship with a well thought-after business plan. The related technology can produce sufficient evidences to defend its claimed outstanding expertise in its resident country. The technology should be able to offer the best owner’s estimates to the alinement of the focuses of the Prospects of Industrializations of Zhejiang Province, and the outlooks of marketing and commercialization opportunities of the technology for the futures of the Province.

As Enterprises: They should hold industrial technologies that closely related to one of the designated fields of interests of the Competition. The contending enterprises shall be an entity exists in one of the high-growth areas of the defined interests. They should be high-tech based with strong capabilities to continue its innovations in the future. Their founders ( or team leaders ) have obtained Master’s or above degrees in the presented tech areas from an overseas academic institution, and as an entity, it should own above 30% or more of its overall corporate holdings.

In principal, all participating projects should meet the natures of a start-up enterprise. The core members of the projects must be the legal proprietor of key intellectual property of the technology of the project, or the sole authorized legal user (knowhow-owner) of the key technology of the participating projects. For this Competition, it will not accept contestants (individuals and teams and enterprises) who have found residence for the representing technologies already within the territory of Zhejiang Province.



Based on the outcome of the final contest, the Competition will present 1 Grand Prize, 3 First Prizes, 6 Second Prizes and 9 Third Prizes. There will also be 1 Most Popular Project Award, 1 Most Valuable Project for Investors Award and 1 Best Tech Innovation Award.Based on the outcome of the final contest, the Competition will present 1 Grand Prize, 3 First Prizes, 6 Second Prizes and 9 Third Prizes. There will also be 1 Most Popular Project Award, 1 Most Valuable Project for Investors Award and 1 Best Tech Innovation Award.

Subsidy for Finalists

Those who have made to the finalist will be provided with expenses for accommodation and meals for participating the final contest in Hangzhou by the Organizing Committee along with a grant of certain amount for international travel subsidy.

Local policy support

If winners of Third Prize and above start business in Hangzhou Yuhang District, they will be exempt from Hangzhou Yuhang District Talent Project Review, including that in Zhejiang Overseas High-quality Talents Innovation Park, Hangzhou Future Tech City, China (Hangzhou) AI Town, Hangzhou Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone (Qianjiang Economic Development Zone), Hangzhou Linping New City and etc. They can receive financial support of no less than RMB 1.5 million from local government and Angel’s Dream Fund, R&D subsidy of no less than RMB 6 million and equipment subsidy of no less than RMB 5 million. If the winning projects settle down in other areas of Zhejiang Province, they will be financially supported and subsidized according to the local policy supporting innovation and entrepreneurship talents.

Capital Support

For this Competition, the winning projects will be provided with express channel to enable them to be aligned with the best quality capital investment institutions and various investors for the best possible venturing deals for their projects.

Enterprising support

The Competition website will provide a devoted a session to help interpreting the current available enterprising policies in Zhejiang Province, such as, the Zhejiang Key Industrial Development Policy and its relevant policies related to attracting Talents from overseas.

During the Hangzhou Final, following events will take place simultaneously, such as, “Oversea Chinese Entrepreneurship Association Experts Workshop”, “Meeting with Chairmen of Publicly Listed Companies in China”, “Returned Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Workshop”, “Fund and Legal Experts Workshop”, and “Meeting with Alibaba Executives”. They are special event held in order to provide the contestants with the full-fledged guidances to their start-ups and settlement decisions.


I) Only the representing person(s) of technology is considered as the valid contestants by the Competition and is held responsible for the authenticity of the submitted technologies and their associated yielded documents. Any plagiarism, embezzlement, or related other illegal act is intolerable during and after the Competition. When found any of such act is committed, the person(s) will be immediately banned from participation at any stages. Even if such act is found after winning, the relevant person(s) and their projects will be seized from preceding and forbid from receiving any further honorariums or support while the related will be held as legal bearer(s) of all intellectual property disputes and of the related penalties may arise due to jurisdiction procedures as a result of such an improper act.

2) The documents submitted will be only utilized by the Organizing Committee for Competition’s event purposes as reference materials and for only keeping their confidentiality.


Secretariat, Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Alliance (OCEAn)
Contact Person: CHEN Xiaoli
Phone: 13601890939
Hangzhou Yuhang District Association for Science and Technology
Contact Person: LU Ying
Phone: 13989853205
HOME Program Office of CAST
Contact Person: MA Xin
Phone: 13581711315
Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology
Contact Person: CHEN Jiongjiong
Phone: 13857186570
The official website:
The official WeChat: overseas talents’ event on entrepreneurship

Any uncovered matters are the right of the Organizing Committee of the Competition to provide interpretations at anytime.
Announcement of Submission Deadline Extension:
        Due to the recent request from many participating organizations to extend the project submission period, the Competition Committee approved to extend the final deadline from March 20, 2018 to April 10, 2018 (11:59 BT).

Regards and Thanks.

The Competition Committee
March 19, 2018